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Options for the MC4181N Master Clock Models

Model: MC-OPT-427

  • GPS time reference input
  • Requires GPS-427 antenna/receiver
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GPS Time Reference Input. Requires GPS-427 Antenna/Receiver.

The MC Series Master Clocks are available in various configurations depending on the type of enclosure and the number of relay outputs required. All have the same powerful operating program which provides up to 100 events per day, Annual Programming and keyboard selectable, secondary clock correction. Correction for most analog and digital secondary clocks, including three-wire synchronous, minute impulse, bi-polar minute impulse and all Midnight synchronized digital clocks is built-in. In addition, an optional RS232 Output driver can be added to the MC4181 and MC4181N versions for driving ATS AE and CC Series Large Digital clocks with the RS232 input.
  • GPS time reference input
  • Requires GPS-427 antenna/receiver
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