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VOCIA for Sound Masking Integrators Training

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VOCIA for Sound Masking Integrators Training

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Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for Vocia for Sound Masking Integrators training.

Continuing Education: 3 AVIXA (InfoComm) RUs CTS/CTS-D/CTS-I and 5 BICSI CECs

Time to Complete (approx.): 5 hours

Course Details:
The goal of this training is to touch on the key features and programming components for an integrated sound masking and paging system. By the end of this training, you should be able to integrate Vocia and Cambridge Sound Management product lines. Vocia is a flexible solution that goes beyond simple paging needs. For more in-depth knowledge of Vocia, visit the Vocia products page here

Key Topics:

  • Vocia and Sound Masking System Concepts
  • System Hardware Overview
  • Interfacing Vocia with Sound Masking Systems
  • Introduction to Vocia Software
  • Programming a Vocia System
  • Adding Pre-Recorded Announcements
  • Telephony Paging
  • Commissioning the Vocia Paging System