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Giant 720 -degree dome screen – using Barco HDF projectors – breathe life into ancient Chinese myth

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Giant 720 -degree dome screen – using Barco HDF projectors – breathe life into ancient Chinese myth
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Fun Capital Park of Beijing, designed by IDEATTACK, a well-known theme park design company from the United States, will feature the most modern science and technology concepts yet developed.


Shenzhen OCT Technology skillfully fused China’s most celebrated mythological tales with modern technology. Together with the local Barco partner Beijing Jing Guang Huaxia Technology Co., Ltd., and with the help of repeated on-site tests, the team set up the world's first most advanced giant indoor high-tech entertainment project – a 720-degree full view dome screen cinema, at Fun Capital Park of Beijing. The cinema resembles a giant silvery ball covered with iconic cloud patterns, equipped inside with 14 high-definition Barco HDF projectors.

The result? A stunning visual space characterized by a 720-degree field of view. Standing on the central transparent platform, visitors are surrounded by the enormous dome screen, experiencing wonderful film stories and unprecedented audiovisual effects like never before.

Barco HDF series projectors display superior images even in venues with lots of ambient light. Thanks to its 3-chip DLP technology, xenon illumination and high-contrast optical engine, the HDF guarantees crisp images and rich colors, no matter the application. What’s more, it fully supports 3D projection. It has also been equipped with Barco’s ImagePRO technology with the Barco Advanced Athena™ scaling technology, for ultimate flexibility.

 General Manager of cultural tourism branch of Beijing Fun Capital Development Co., Ltd. Mr. Shaoji XIAO said: “We feel excited each time when this venue comes to life. This is pioneering technology in China, enabling tourists and visitors to immerse themselves into the fantasy and romance of China’s most beloved myths.”

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