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AVPro Edge is a full adopter of HDMI, HDBaseT, and HDCP. Our engineers regularly work with these organizations and chip manufacturers to ensure we are bringing only the very best and capable products to the market. Built-in features like scaling, test patterns, audio de-embedding, and down-mixing set AVPro Edge apart from the competition. As an original equipment manufacturer, we are so confident with the reliability of our products that we offer an industry leading 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Admit One Home Systems is a premier designer and installer of home automation, security, theater, and audio solutions based out of Edina, MN, serving the greater Twin Cities area. This award-winning company provides dedicated home automation technology, in-home theater systems and security technology, as well as whole-house audio and video solutions. Andy Hepola, Lead Technician at Admit One Home Systems, worked with our own Jared Kantack on this unique job resulting in a happy customer and a very unique use of AVPro Edge’s revolutionary products.

Home Systems was approached by a client requesting the ultimate viewing experience on game day. He wanted to be able to show multiple games at the same time and control the audio to appease friends and family following different teams. The client didn’t want multiple competing TV’s on the walls of his basement, he preferred one central point of interest. With that information, Andy knew he was going to have to think outside of the box to accomplish this goal.

The nature of NFL or College football is that multiple games are played at the same time. Fans want the option to watch multiple games at the same time as well as change the audio to whatever game they want in a moment’s notice. Things can happen in a split second in football, so Andy knew that switching from one source to the next needed to happen instantaneously for his client.

Given the specific needs for this project, Andy kept an open mind when looking for solutions– including those available from Crestron and Savant. There were a few different products that could be used to reach the end goal, but they were not ideal for this situation and carried a hefty price tag.

While working on this design, Andy received an email  from AVPro Edge promoting the Video Flux Matrix Multi-Viewer, a product able to handle 4K quad-view as well  as custom layouts with up to 4 sources on the screen simultaneously. The first thought that came to Andy’s  mind was that this product was likely the same price or more expensive than  the solutions he had already looked at. There was only one way to find out if this  was the answer he was looking for, so Andy picked up the phone and was connected with AVPro Edge’s  Jared Kantack, a lead sales engineer. He was pleasantly surprised that Video Flux Multi-Viewer was priced  substantially less than the other products he was considering. Jared listened while Andy told him about the install, and together, they came up with all of the components he would need to create the client’s vision. Jared, a lifelong Minnesota Vikings football fan, was ecstatic to help a fellow Vikings fan (or so he thought) create the ultimate football viewing room. 


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