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MXNET Raises The Bar In Ritz Carlton Penthouse

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MXNET Raises The Bar In Ritz Carlton Penthouse
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MXNET Raises The Bar In Ritz Carlton Penthouse


This project consisted of outfitting a penthouse in the Ritz Carlton Residence in Miami Beach, FL. Every single aspect of this penthouse had unique features integrated throughout. This was a one-of-a-kind space to call home with sixteen audio zones, seven video zones, and one screening room. The audio/video distribution throughout the space needed to support the latest and greatest full HDR formats and Dolby Vision. The client approached the team with intentions to control every device in the penthouse with smart technology and be built for scalability to easily add more devices. One of the main elements the client requested was a system that would react at the speed of sound. He emphasized a desire for his system to be the “biggest and baddest” in the building - a system his friends would be envious of.

Knowing the customer was looking to create something truly remarkable, the Premium Digital Control & Automation design team knew AVPro Edge was the go-to choice to enhance this system’s capabilities and ensure the best quality possible. The team combined top-of-the-line technology from AVPro to make this smart home the smartest at the Ritz. They moved forward on integrating the best audio, video, lighting, automated window treatments, climate control, surveillance, flood protection, and secured networks.


Premium Digital Control & Automation has a comprehensive team of analysts that meet weekly to review the latest industry hardware and software to enhance their projects. These analysts not only suggested using AVPro, but the entire team of technicians and programmers did as well. They have

been using AVPro for years and were extremely happy with the quality. Needless to say, AVPro Edge was their first choice.

The team reviewed using a standard 16x16 video chassis or a MoIP solution, but neither would have met the specific needs for the magnitude of this project. Therefore, the only choice for this scope was MXNet by AVPro Edge for its speed, control, and scalability.

For this project, it was a no-brainer to use Control4 as the main control system because of how easily it integrates with AVPro’s IP Drivers. The team located the exact driver they needed on the resources page of the AVPro website and set up the system smoothly. They used Binary 8K HDMI cables for video source interconnects and Planet Wave cable for audio sources and audio out downmix from the encoders. They effortlessly implemented the AVPro products into the entire Control4 system. The controller interface was user-friendly for the technicians to navigate and program. Every product came with an informative instruction manual for the team to review when general questions came up.

Shaun mentioned that one question about the AVPro products arose during our installation, so they picked up the phone and called the 1-800 number on the AVPro website for support. He added, “It was such a pleasure to speak to live tech support who were able to answer our question immediately and assist remotely. While most companies are switching to automated robotic response, it is nice to know that when you contact AVPro, you’ll be speaking to an AV Professional.”


With a successful install under their belt, we decided to ask Shaun a few questions about the project as it wrapped up.

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