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LOISIUM Wine and Spa Resort

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LOISIUM Wine and Spa Resort
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LOISIUM Wine and Spa Resort

LOISIUM Wine and Spa Resort creates a perfect balance of entertainment and relaxation with PPDS


Blending luxury with relaxation, LOISIUM Wine and Spa Resort is a fresh Austrian hotel group focused on providing wine connoisseurs with the finest experiences. With locations in renowned European wine regions, this sustainable concept fuses futuristic thinking with classic traditions to bring one-of-a-kind wine country accommodation for guests from all over the world. Inspired by wine, conceived with design, carried by spirit, and led with passion, LOISIUM redefines the expectations of modern resorts from both a guest experience and environmental impact level.


Leading the way in hospitality innovation, LOISIUM Wine and Spa Resort delivers the ultimate guest experience with premium luxury amenities and state-of-the-art sustainable architecture. With the Austrian hotel industry experiencing a major shake up over the past two years due to the global pandemic and increased economic volatility, a digital transformation was needed to ensure guest safety, tech compatibility, and financial efficiency. The introduction of digital-first touchpoints also needed to be intuitive and easy to use to for both staff and guests to maintain a seamlessly relaxing experience.

"LOISIUM keeps up with the times. In the digital age in particular, it is of utmost importance to break through any hardened structures so that technical change can be enabled and expedited. With Betterspace and Philips, LOISIUM can rely on two powerful digital transformation partners and fully focus on the guest experience. Smart, technologically sophisticated solutions will help to improve the hotel experience on a lasting basis and use an appealing approach to overcoming potential barriers, such as Covid check procedures." Mustafa Oezdemir, Managing Partner, LOISIUM Solution

To complete their digital transformation, LOISIUM Wine and Spa Resort teamed up with Betterspace and PPDS for a tailored hotel-wide solution. With a suite of digital products being introduced, a total of 108 Philips MediaSuite 4K displays were installed throughout the resort’s guest rooms. Utilising CMND, the displays were efficiently integrated into the resort’s digital infrastructure—enabling seamless connectivity with guest devices and the resort’s in-room tablets. This ensured faster and safer display interaction that met Austria’s strict covid compliance measures. Thanks to the entertainment focus of Philips MediaSuite, guests can easily stream their favourite services such as Netflix for a superior like-home experience. To add an extra layer of warmth to the rooms, guests are greeted with a personal welcome message on their displays, and can view tailored information such as cycling routes in the vicinity. The displays are also utilised to show marketing communication, offers, and resort information—making them an integral part to the overall excellence of the resort’s guest experience. The result of this digital transformation was a perfect symbiosis of entertainment and relaxation for the LOISIUM group.


  • Personalised information: Displays greet guests with a custom welcome message, which can also be personalised for specific groups of guests.
  • Interactive features: Guests can use the displays to view amenity information and plan their resort activities such as cycling routes.
  • Seamless connectivity: Guests can connect and control their displays via their personal devices to ensure greater resort hygiene.
  • Easy streaming: Integrated Netflix and Chromecast built-in enable intuitive wireless connectivity from guest devices to the big screen.

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