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Kowalchuk Residence

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Kowalchuk Residence
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Magnificent architectural wonder leverages automation to balance natural light and the woodland views of the Adirondacks in this year's Best Shading Application.

Nestled in the serene landscapes of North River, New York, this cozy abode resides deep within the heart of the Adirondacks. The remote, rugged, and discreetly positioned 5-bedroom dream home was designed by the homeowner and is a testament to sophisticated mountain cabin aesthetics with floor-to-ceiling windows inviting natural light and surrounding wilderness views.

The challenge

As an architect, the homeowner possessed a tasteful eye for design features and a home layout that would bring his vision to life and create a legacy home that could be passed down to future generations. The homeowner knew he wanted to incorporate automated lighting and shading, and after visiting a Crestron showroom, realized that smart home technology would perfectly complement this personally tailored living space.

The solution

Future Technologies was chosen as the technology integrator to bring in unobtrusive home solutions that would complement the rustic design while ensuring user experience remained paramount. Crestron Home® OS unveiled the potential of what was possible, folding all home technology control under one unified platform that would allow for future scalability.

The technology

This project differed from the homeowner’s other works, as it was a personal build for himself and his family to enjoy. The design was meticulously considered, and at the start, lighting control was a compelling automation element worth adding. As more of the power behind smart home control was revealed, the homeowner expanded beyond a full lighting control system for both indoors and out to include a fully integrated HVAC system with 10 zones, house-wide sound with two Surround Sound zones, Crestron roller shades, and a video surveillance system integrated within the Crestron Home platform.

This modern take on a remote and rugged cabin reveals a sophisticated home tucked in the mountains. The home’s exterior highlights modern, clean lines and large windows, while interior features smooth wood paneling and exposed wooden columns to pay homage to the surrounding environment. With such a well-thought-out design, bringing in technological elements that blend seamlessly yet help manage the large living space would be key. Crestron Home OS united all the home technology under one platform, offering multiple options to make entertainment and environmental controls a breeze.

Forty Horizon® keypads are spread out throughout the house, providing control points for the lighting, shading, HVAC, and media. Five Crestron portrait touch screens are positioned next to the keypads in each of the bedrooms, allowing all family members or guests to personalize their space according to their preferences and creating an environment tailored to individual tastes and needs.

For more on-the-move controls, the family can use the Crestron Home app or a TSR-310 remote to access their systems. The Crestron Home app extends control even further, displaying new capabilities daily within a carefully designed interface that enables them to orchestrate their smart home experience smoothly.

The breathtaking views of nature surrounding the house can be enjoyed thanks to the expansive windows at the back of the house. Crestron roller shades were thoughtfully placed, allowing for precise management of natural light and indoor temperature. These shades vanish into the timber frame structure of the home when not in use, maintaining the home’s aesthetic appeal. The quietness of the motor means that shades are never a disruptions, and the lifetime warranty provides peace of mind.

The audio experience is elevated to new heights with a carefully crafted Surround Sound system, immersing homeowners and guests in rich, cinematic soundscapes. In-ceiling speakers concealed in every bedroom maintain the home’s sleek and neat appearance. Within the media room, a swiveling TV enhances viewing from multiple angles, ensuring an immersive entertainment experience from every seat. The entire home is a prime example of how enhancing the living experience with technology solutions can balance elegant design with rock-solid reliability.

The results

The intuitive control of the Crestron Home platform simplifies the management of every aspect of the home, ensuring a seamless and convenient lifestyle. As the homeowner designed the residence, he greatly appreciated that the technology could make such an impact while remaining discreetly integrated.

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