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Artist Georgia Tucker And Optoma Collaborate To Create Lente, A Peaceful Haven In The Heart Of Birmingham

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Artist Georgia Tucker And Optoma Collaborate To Create Lente, A Peaceful Haven In The Heart Of Birmingham
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As an artist who uses technology and physical installations to start meaningful conversations and moments of escapism for the viewer, Georgia Tucker’s latest installation at Mailbox (Birmingham), is precisely what she wanted to provoke.

Based in an empty retail unit in The Mailbox, in the busy centre of Birmingham, Georgia wanted to utilise visuals, sound and smell to create a physical wonderland to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy city outside. The installation, aptly named Lente, meaning spring time, explored how nature and meditation helps to improve mental health, by boosting confidence and helping to alleviate anxiety, depression and stress.


Knowing what she wanted to create, Georgia wanted to create a digital 3D garden space. The immersive experience blended digital visuals created by Experience Studios with a soundscape provided by d&b audiotechnik, and scented by premium home and beauty brand, Rituals.

Having worked with Optoma a year ago on an installation called Fluito, for the Birmingham Common Wealth Games, Georgia was excited to work with them again. Wanting to keep the space as open as possible, Geogia wanted to implement back projection. That’s where Optoma’s ProDesign Service came in handy. Optoma was able to recommend two of their award-winning ZU920TSTs, for their short-throw lenses and 9,800 lumens of brightness, to help create the immersive space. The ProDesign service was also able to provide detailed plans of the setup, test content on the actual projectors, and help with the installation process.


The result of all the hard work, set design, 3D objects and other artistic pieces, was a gloriously peaceful space, offering people the chance to escape their busy lives, even for a moment, and delivering an opportunity for them to unwind.

The projectors presented the stunning 3D visuals of interchanging scenes of garden scapes and seasons. By projecting on to a fine mesh the image shines through and on to the ceiling and walls, filling the room with peaceful light and imagery.

Georgia Tucker, said, “I am proud to be working with Optoma to bring to life my latest installation. I hope that Lente will offer viewers the chance to relax and reconnect with themselves, and enables them to experience the joy of a slower approach to life.”

Mailbox Estate Director, Andy Jackson, added, “Positive wellbeing is something we always try to encourage at Mailbox, and so we are really excited to offer our community a space where they can take a moment to themselves and reflect – something many of us neglect to do within the working day.”

As a follow up to Lente, Optoma will also be supporting Georgia in the near future, with the first RHS digital experience as a part of their Feature Garden at the Tatton Park Flower Show in July 2023.

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