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Optoma’s High Brightness Projectors Power Luxedo’s Residential Projection Mapping Systems

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Optoma’s High Brightness Projectors Power Luxedo’s Residential Projection Mapping Systems
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Luxedo’s goal is to revolutionize outside home decorating with a projection mapping system that is easy to use by non-technical home owners, provides bright and exciting visual displays on the exterior of residential homes and can reliably perform outside in varying types of weather. They needed to design a software system that could evaluate the exterior surface and calibrate a projection mapping design that would maximize the colors and image quality that was displayed. Another large challenge was finding a reliable projector that could provide high resolution and high brightness as well as a cabinet to contain all these components and withstand the outdoor elements.


Meet the Luxedo Projection System, an all-in-one solution that can work on almost any surface and is easily customizable enabling users to change their home’s decorations throughout the year. The Luxedo Projection System comes complete with everything you need to create stunning high-definition 3D displays on any surface for any occasion. The system includes a 1080 HD wide angle camera, an Optoma 3,800 Lumen Native 1080p HD short throw laser projector, a powerful LuxCast CPU, an infrared projector control module, dual cooling fans, and a Wi-Fi adaptor all encased in an 18 gauge steel housing, so your projector will stay protected from the elements all year long.

“One of the hardest parts was finding a projector with a short throw lens that can produce the quality that our customers are expecting. Fortunately, Optoma has a huge lineup of short throw projectors with high brightness, great image quality and color reproduction that no other company has.” said the Chief Executive Officer for Luxedo. “We have been using Optoma projectors and it's been good.” Using the computer and Luxedo’s projection mapping software, home owners can project images and/or video onto the sides of their houses to help celebrate and decorate for Holidays and special occasions. For larger homes or buildings two or more systems can be edge blended together to make one huge projected display.


Luxedo has now introduced their most advanced Projection System yet! Their latest package provides an easy solution for residential homes to create stunning high-definition 3D digital decorating on any surface for any occasion using Optoma projectors and mapping technologies built into their weather resistant enclosure. The Luxedo system includes free access to their custom creative suite which allows you to light up and animate surfaces without complex graphic design software. Users can create their own designs by importing their own digital art from any source, and they can upload and stream their own audio and video files to play on a sequenced loop continuously, or they can choose from a variety of preloaded fonts to create compelling messages, interactive advertisements or engaging signage. They can create elaborate decorations for any holiday, celebration or event, like birthdays, sporting events, or advertising with customized graphics, skins, text, images and more.

“Our customers just love the flexibility of being able to make something different that's interactive and that their kids can come out and watch.” said Luxedo’s CEO. “They also see many cars stopped and lined up in front of their houses to watch their five minute show”. For convenience, the Optoma projector and Luxedo software can be controlled remotely, so users can configure and operate their system from anywhere using a browser connected to the internet. The Luxedo projection mapping system can be used throughout the year for a wide variety of events and occasions because of the sturdy exterior weather resistant case and the dual cooling fans that ensure an ideal operating temperature, while the steel lockable eyelet keeps the system safe and secure. Users can enjoy the most cutting-edge projection technology and watch their displays come to life all year long!

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