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Enhancing Tennis Coaching with PTZOptics Hive and vMix: A Live Streaming Case Study

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Enhancing Tennis Coaching with PTZOptics Hive and vMix: A Live Streaming Case Study
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In our latest project, we had the exciting opportunity to live stream a tennis match using PTZOptics Hive and vMix. This setup not only provided a seamless viewing experience for the audience but also offered tennis coaches the ability to remotely control and analyze the footage. Here’s a detailed look at how we achieved this innovative live streaming setup

Enhance Coaching with Web-Based Camera Control: A Case Study

Discover how web-based camera control can revolutionize your coaching techniques. In this case study, we showcase how remote camera control and cloud integration allow coaches to view and analyze tennis matches with ease. By accessing and sharing live footage through an intuitive web interface, coaches can zoom in on player techniques or zoom out to review overall strategies, all from any location. Watch the embedded video to see how our solutions provide unparalleled flexibility and efficiency, transforming sports coaching and performance analysis.

The Setup

PTZOptics Hive

Our primary tool for this project was PTZOptics Hive, a cloud-based solution that enabled us to connect PTZOptics Move 4K cameras directly to the cloud. Hive provided an interface for coaches to view live footage and select which camera to focus on. This flexibility allowed coaches to either zoom in on specific techniques or zoom out to observe overall strategies on the court. The remote control capabilities meant that even from a distance, coaches could manage the cameras to suit their needs.


For live streaming and video recording, we utilized vMix, a powerful software that supports NDI video connections. This allowed us to maintain high-quality, low-latency video streams, essential for a professional sports broadcast. vMix’s versatility in handling multiple video sources and its robust recording features made it an ideal choice for this project.

PTZOptics Move 4K Cameras

Equipped with NDI connectivity, the PTZOptics Move 4K cameras ensured that our video transmission was smooth and efficient. These cameras were integral to our IP video workflow, connecting seamlessly over the same network for reliable and high-quality video feeds.

All-IP Video Solution

One of the standout aspects of our setup was the all-IP video solution. All the cameras and computers were connected to the same network, simplifying the workflow and ensuring consistent video quality. The only exception was the remote computers, which accessed Hive through the cloud. This integration allowed us to deliver a cohesive and professional live streaming experience.

Remote Camera Control

The ability for coaches to remotely control the cameras was a game-changer. They could easily switch between cameras, zoom in to analyze player techniques, or zoom out to view court strategies. This level of control and flexibility is invaluable for in-depth coaching and analysis.

High-Quality Streaming

Using vMix with NDI connectivity ensured that the video quality remained top-notch throughout the stream. The low-latency video connections provided a smooth viewing experience, which is crucial for live sports streaming.

Cloud Connectivity

PTZOptics Hive’s cloud connectivity enabled seamless remote access, allowing coaches to manage camera views from anywhere. This feature is particularly useful for remote coaching and provides a new level of accessibility and convenience.

Managing Multiple Studios with Hive

This project demonstrated the value of managing multiple tennis courts through a single cloud-based dashboard. This approach allowed us to oversee and control several courts from one centralized platform, greatly enhancing operational efficiency. Coaches and athletes could easily access live footage and recorded sessions, facilitating seamless review and sharing of important moments. This setup not only saved time but also improved communication and collaboration among the coaching staff and athletes. By utilizing this user-friendly, web-based system, we were able to elevate the overall coaching and court management experience, proving the effectiveness of cloud-based solutions in sports environments.


Our live streaming setup for the tennis match, utilizing PTZOptics Hive and vMix, demonstrated the potential of advanced technology in sports coaching and live broadcasting. By providing remote camera control, high-quality streaming, and cloud connectivity, we delivered a professional and flexible solution that enhanced the coaching experience.

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