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Designed for the Home and Office, APC’s New Back-UPS® Protect Against Data Loss, Computer Damage and Expensive Downtime
Posted on Tuesday, April 6, 2010
Designed for the Home and Office, APC’s New Back-UPS® Protect Against Data Loss, Computer Damage and Expensive Downtime
West Kingston, RI, April 5, 2010 — APC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in integrated critical power and cooling services, today introduced the Back-UPS® Pro models, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system designed to protect home offices and businesses from experiencing the inconvenience and expense caused by power outages. The Back-UPS Pro models feature the same power-saving outlets seen in APC’s smaller Back-UPS models, which automatically shut off power to unused peripherals, saving the user money contributed to unnecessary power draw. Additionally, the Back-UPS Pro models feature an LCD panel to provide utility indication and have automatic voltage regulation (AVR) bypass capabilities to save energy and extend battery life.
“Uptime is absolutely critical for home offices and businesses, which are often not protected from surges, spikes and power loss. Poor power environments and outages could mean losing important data, crucial sales and even an entire PC network,” said Dave Johnson, senior vice president, Home & Business Networks, APC. “The APC Back-UPS Pro guarantees the necessary availability for users to remain up and running to save their work or complete a transaction – eliminating the consequences and high costs caused by downtime. Typically, even if just one instance of downtime occurs, the unit will pay for itself.”
APC Back-UPS Pro come in a variety of models, offering from six to ten outlets and runtime from 92 to 164 minutes. Power-saving outlets are offered on all models to decrease energy usage of connected devices. This feature saves energy and money by cutting power to unused components and can save as much as $50 per year per UPS. Non data-sensitive peripherals, like monitors, printers, and speakers, are connected to the controlled outlets, which automatically shut off whenever the computer, connected to a master outlet, is turned off or goes into hibernation or sleep mode. 
All Back-UPS Pro models come equipped with automatic voltage regulation (AVR). AVR instantly adjusts low and high voltages to safe levels, so users can work during brownouts and over-voltage situations, saving the battery for power outages. These models also have power-saving AVR bypass capability, which is an ultra efficient electrical design that consumes less power during normal operations by automatically bypassing the transformer until needed, saving even more electricity during normal operating conditions.
All Back-UPS Pro models come equipped with an LCD panel allowing users to easily scroll through information about load, estimated runtime, input voltage and other critical diagnostic and system information. Users no longer have to decipher the noises coming from a UPS unit – a touch of a button will silence the alarm and users can simply scroll through the display to find information without having to consult a manual.
The Back-UPS Pro comes with easy-to-use PowerChute® Personal Edition software provides enhanced management of the UPS by supplying information about unit history, notification options and power status. When installed, this file-saving, auto-shutdown software saves files and gracefully shutdowns a PC even when users are not around. All models come with a standard three year warranty and Equipment Protection Policy, which covers properly connected equipment up to $150,000 (see policy for details).
Available in North America in Q2 2010, the APC Back-UPS Pro products carry an estimated retail price of $129.99 to $249.99.  For more information about APC and other money saving home and office solutions, please call 800-877-4080, or visit APC’s Web site at

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