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APC Symmetra® PX 250/500kW Now Supports Parallel Configurations Up to 2000kW
Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2011
West Kingston, RIAPC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in integrated critical power and cooling services, today announced new parallel capabilities of the Symmetra® PX 250/500kW three-phase modular and hot-scalable uninterruptible power supply (UPS).   This new firmware ships standard on all Symmetra PX250/500kW units which can now be paralleled to deliver up to 2MW of power protection, or 1.5MW in a system level redundancy (N+1) configuration. The Symmetra PX250/500kW provides unprecedented scalability and availability up to 2000kW, giving customers the unrivalled flexibility to scale their data centers as business needs require.  
The Symmetra PX250/500kW offers a modular, hot-scalable system consisting of dedicated and redundant modules - power, intelligence, battery and communications - all engineered into a design that makes installation, future expansion and serviceability faster and easier. Each system is scalable in 25kW increments up to 500kW with the ability to run up to four systems in parallel to provide 2MW of redundant power protection. The architecture gives IT managers the ability to right-size power and runtime as demand grows or as higher levels of availability dictate.
In addition to all the current features and capabilities of the Symmetra PX250/500kW - independently verified efficiency of greater than 96% down to 35% loading, high density space saving design, modular, hot-scalable with a system-wide mean time to repair of less than 10 minutes, and near silent operation - the release of this new firmware adds:
·         Parallel up to 4 units - for 2000kW or 1.5MW in an N+1 system configuration of power protection capacity.
·         Energy monitoring– Has the ability to calculate and display the energy (kWh) delivered on the output of each unit.   .
·         Multi-language support – can be localized in seven languages to provide better understanding of alarms/events and display information.
·         Shortened recharge time – 20% charge capacity at loads less than 100%, can be used to recharge units for faster recovery and to maximize system availability.
The Symmetra PX250/500kW can be managed through APC’s InfraStruxure Management Software Portfolioand can be integrated into data centers for a complete solution through built-in management software including InfraStruxure Designer, Central, Capacity Manager, and server access support. For more information please visit: or call 800-877-4080.

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