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APC by Schneider Electric Integrates the Next Generation of Rack Access Control into the Award-Winning NetBotz® Security & Environmental Monitoring So
Posted on Monday, May 23, 2011

West Kingston, RI, May 2011 – APC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in integrated critical power and cooling services, today announced the next generation of its market leading NetBotz Security and Environmental Monitoring products, which integrates rack access control into the existing architecture. NetBotz is the only solution that combines environmental monitoring, video surveillance, and rack access in a single platform, providing complete protection of IT assets from a network closet to the data center environment.


Answering customers' needs for scalability and interoperability, the next generation of NetBotz products delivers the following major enhancements:

?      Mass configuration of up to 130 rack doors within a single user interface, eliminating the need to configure each door separately.  Administrators can easily configure access for individual employees, schedule access to equipment for maintenance purposes, and view an audit trail.

?      Compatibility with multiple rack solutions offers customers the ability to integrate remote and local access within Chatsworth GlobalFrameTM enclosures, as well as APC NetShelter® SX enclosures.

?      One IP address for up to 26 doors and 200 credentials significantly reduces the total cost of ownership while increasing the maximum number of unique users.

?      “Basement" mounting eliminates the need to occupy valuable rack space by utilizing an area below the bottom U in an APC NetShelter SX rack. U-space or zero-space mounting methods are also options for mounting the NetBotz hardware.


Available today globally, this new NetBotz offer is priced at $1,395 per 2-door/2-handle kit and expands the scope of security by integrating rack access control throughout the IT environment, from network closets to data centers.  A new Post Configuration Insight service also is available, which provides a structured hand-over from the network integration engineer to the customer. APC’s existing, low-cost, standalone NetBotz Access Control appliance is still available as an ideal entry-level solution for price-minded applications. For more information please visit: or call 800-877-4080.


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