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Schneider Electric’s Complete Intelligent Cooling Solution Portfolio brings Efficiency, Flexibility and Reliability to Data Center Cooling
Posted on Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Schneider Electric ensures that customers’ cooling infrastructure can adapt on demand to meet business needs at all times throughout the life cycle of the data center

Palatine, IL, September 12, 2011Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, today announced two new additions to their intelligent cooling solutions portfolio designed to meet the needs of any data center environment. These additions include the availability of Uniflair Chilled Water Room Air Conditioners in North America and the upcoming release of the InRow® RA globally. With the addition of both the precision room cooling and the pumped refrigerant system to the end-to-end cooling solutions portfolio, Schneider Electric in North America is uniquely positioned to provide a complete line of cooling solutions to meet the needs of any data center environment anywhere in the world.

“As we continue to invest and expand our overall cooling portfolio globally, Schneider Electric has developed clear, competitive advantages in product reliability, efficiency and flexibility,” said Dave Guidette, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Systems and Services, Schneider Electric. “We are able to provide intelligent, network manageable cooling solutions that allow our customers to monitor and manage the temperature of their data center to an even greater extent. From perimeter or economizer cooling solutions, to our industry-leading InRow close coupled cooling approach, no other company can provide as many options to meet the needs and goals of any data center. Schneider Electric now has a cooling solution to meet every type of design criteria, whether it be for a new-build data center or a retrofit project.”

Uniflair Chilled Water Air Conditioners have been a leading choice of data center owners and operators throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America for many years. Schneider Electric is pleased to offer these flexible, easily serviceable, highly efficient precision air conditioners for the first time in North America. Featuring a compact footprint, highly efficient Electronically Commutated (EC) fans and a design that allows for easy accessibility for service, Uniflair Chilled Water Air Conditioners allow owners and operators to confidently run their data centers knowing it has the support of the most reliable perimeter cooling solution on the market.

Always attuned to the cooling concerns of data center owners and operators, the upcoming release of the InRow RA utilizes a water-free approach to cooling the data center, mitigating the risk of leaks developing within the data center. This unique close coupled cooling approach is floor-mounted and features a highly efficient pumped refrigerant row-based system that leverages thermal containment and smart controls to fully manage the cooling of the data center. Extremely flexible with a rack independent design, the InRow RA is equipped with active response controls for monitoring and active adjustment of cooling capacity which ensures proper temperatures within the server environment are consistently maintained.

The Uniflair Chilled Water Room Air Conditioner and InRow RA solutions join the already robust cooling portfolio of Schneider Electric. Additional Schneider Electric cooling solutions offerings include:

·         InRow OA – InRow OA allows data center managers to deploy more cooling capacity to rack environments from overhead, offering additional cooling capacity to meet any level of density. The InRow OA utilizes the same pumped refrigerant system as the RA model for total interoperability.

·         EcoBreeze™ - EcoBreeze is a modular indirect evaporative and air-to-air heat exchanger cooling solution. The EcoBreeze has the unique ability to switch automatically between air-to-air and indirect evaporative heat exchange to consistently provide cooling to data centers in the most efficient way. The design of EcoBreeze facilitates reduction in energy consumption by leveraging temperature differences between outside ambient air, compared to IT return air, to provide economized cooling to the data center and to meet ASHRAE 90.1/TC 9.9 requirements for efficiency and economization.

·         Facility Cooling Modules – The Chilled Water Cooling Module consists of six modular high efficiency chillers, two economizers and a fully integrated pump house, providing comprehensive cooling solutions in less time with additional energy savings. Accompanied by the Facility Power Module, Schneider Electric is able to provide organizations with quickly deployable facility infrastructure along with a new generation of standardized modular IT infrastructure. Many available spaces can now be transformed into highly energy-efficient data centers in a shortened deployment time with predictable results. 

Schneider Electric will display its complete line of cooling solutions at booth #801 AFCOM Data Center World Expo, taking place September 12-13 at the Orlando World Center Marriott and Convention Center. Visit Schneider Electric at booth number 801 and attend the presentation “Facility Module Architecture for Data Centers” by Jim Simonelli, Chief Technology Officer, Schneider Electric, taking place on September 10th at 1:45pm in room Grand 9. Additionally, Schneider Electric’s Joe Capes, Cooling Business Development Director - Americas, will present “Managing Your Data Center for Maximum Availability & Efficiency” on September 14th at 9:15am in room Grand 1.

The Schneider Electric Uniflair Chilled Water Room Air Conditioner is now available in North America and additional details about this new offering can be found here. The InRow RA system will be available in Q4 in North America. All of Schneider Electric’s cooling solutions are available for demonstration at the Schneider Electric Technology Center in St. Louis, Missouri.  More information on the complete line of Schneider Electric’s cooling solutions can be found here or by calling 800-877-4080.


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