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Now Shipping! Atlona's AT-PS-POCC Mid-Span Power Supply
Posted on Tuesday, January 7, 2014
Now Shipping! Atlona's AT-PS-POCC Mid-Span Power Supply
Atlona introduces new Power over Category cable (PoCc) Mid-Span Power Supply.  Providing power simultaneously to PoCc-compatible HDBaseT transmitters and/or receivers without requiring the related Atlona power source device, the AT-PS-POCC sends power to a compatible transmitter, receiver, or both using the same category cable as the HDBaseT signal that is used to transmit the HDMI and control signals.
With the new Atlona Mid-Span Power Supply featuring Power over Category Cable, you can now use non-PoCc components with Atlona PoCc transmitters and receivers!
  • Switchable for power in one or both directions simultaneously to power both transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) enabling a clean installations as it eliminates the need for a local power supply.
  • Ideal for Wall Plates such as our HDVS series or wall plate receivers used with non-PoCc switchers.
The AT-PS-POCC offers a simple solution for supplying power to your Atlona PoCc transmitter or receiver when used with HDBaseT products such as projectors and Audio/Video receivers.  The Mid-Span Power Supply fits perfectly with Atlona AV solutions, such as the PRO2 series and both transmitter and receiver wall plates, providing a clean and convenient solution for your conference room or classroom where a dependable AV connection is essential.  Use the Mid-Span Power Supply with an Atlona matrix switcher input to supply power simultaneously to both receiver and transmitter for an easy installation.

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