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For over 90 years, Electro Voice has designed and engineered leading-edge sound reinforcement solutions – products that empower the performer, exceed the expectations of the audio professional and elevate the audience experience. Generations of hands-on professional knowledge is geared towards producing a portfolio of best-in-class speakers and microphones.

Model: EVID-C4.2-G2

The Electro-Voice EVID-C4.2-G2 is a complete 4-inch coaxial two-way loudspeaker that offers excellent sound quality and outstanding reliability with firstclass aesthetics.
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Electro-Voice & Dynacord key to major audio-visual upgrade at New Caney high school stadium
Posted on Tuesday, March 12, 2024
Electro-Voice & Dynacord key to major audio-visual upgrade at New Caney high school stadium

New Caney ISD, TX, Mar 2024 – A new Electro-Voice and Dynacord system upgrade has elevated the regional standard for high-school stadium sound at New Caney Independent School District (ISD) in Montgomery County, Texas. The installation showcases the new MTS high-output point-source loudspeakers – the largest and loudest models ever produced by Electro-Voice – which offer an extraordinary performance-to-size ratio that made them a perfect fit for this application – in more ways than one. 

The new installation was expertly undertaken by Brent Thornhill and his team from Southwest Building Systems, specialists in high-school stadium AV solutions. SBS were also responsible for the previous Electro-Voice and Dynacord installation at New Caney ISD around a decade ago.

“The previous sound system served us very well; it was over ten years old and had been outside through all sorts of extreme weather situations,” explains Grant Pappas, marketing and multimedia director at New Caney ISD. “Ten years of Texas heat is a challenge for anything. The fact that it lasted as long as it did is a testament to Electro-Voice products. When we heard the MTS demo, we knew that would be our next system.” 

Soon after the demo, the scoreboard also started showing its age, and the decision was made to upgrade the audio and video systems simultaneously. The efficient form factor and output-power density of MTS also freed-up space for the integration of a new 16:9 widescreen LED scoreboard in the existing enclosure. Integrated neatly alongside the new display, the three-unit MTS system provides precision audio coverage across both the stadium and the field – all while occupying a fraction of the space typically required by line-array systems delivering similar levels of performance.  

“The previous system had vertically arrayed speakers and subs on the left and right sides of the scoreboard,” Pappas continues. “They were angled to cover the home and away bleachers but didn’t provide field coverage. The new design mounted three MTS loudspeakers left-center-right on top of the new scoreboard, which not only freed up the real estate needed for a larger digital scoreboard, but also provided coverage for both stands and the field. It was a win-win for everyone. The new scoreboard is bigger and better, and the sound quality is far superior to the old system.”

The MTS-4153-64FWB weatherized versions selected for New Caney ISD are three-way loudspeakers with a 60 x 40 coverage pattern that’s ideal for large-scale applications like sports stadiums. Each unit combines four 15” woofers with dual coaxial mid/high compression drivers via a single waveguide, in a design focused on cohesive output with a strong bass response. The system can generate more than 151 dB peak SPL with exact directivity for long-throw applications. The loudspeakers are supported by three weatherized X12-128-FGB dual-18” subwoofers. The X12-128 utilizes super-high-output DVF4180 woofers for low distortion and extremely high SPLs. 

While line-arrays offer excellent vertical pattern control for many applications, MTS’s combination of long, focused throw with excellent low-frequency pattern control positioned them as a new and improved solution to address the specific architectural and acoustical challenges at New Caney ISD – some of which came about as a result of new construction since the previous system was put into place, including a three-story field house. The superior pattern control MTS offers has solved problems with echo and reflection and has also enabled the use of live microphones on the field, effectively turning a football-specific venue into a multi-purpose entertainment and community venue. 

“One of the most pleasant surprises was the coverage,” adds Brandon Harvey, AV Coordinator at New Caney ISD. “We could position the loudspeakers to provide coverage exactly where it was needed. As a result, we have addressed the acoustic challenges. We used to have significant slap-back from the homestand to the community room – not anymore. It’s terrific”

The loudspeakers are powered, monitored and controlled utilizing electronics and software from Dynacord, further contributing towards a winning combination of compact form, energy efficient operation and exceptional sound quality. Three Dynacord IPX20:4 (4x 5000 W) DSP Class-D amplifiers, rack mounted in the press room, drive the system. Like MTS, these amps offer superior performance and power density while occupying smaller real estate.

The IPX amps are equipped with OMNEO IP networking architecture, enabling Dante and OCA/AES70. They deliver high-resolution, ultra-low latency 96 kHz audio with a 118 dB signal-to-noise ratio, and feature a variety of innovative and patented technologies for enhanced energy efficiency and system protection. The previous system already utilized a Dynacord MXE5 Matrix Mix Engine along with a TPC-1 touch panel controller and SONICUE Sound System Software. This represents a modern, powerful digital control interface that is much easier to use than an analog mixing board. It also suits a range of user groups, from the full production needs of the media director to music playback and coach announcements at football practice. The new IPX-powered system was easily deployed reusing the existing cable runs, mitigating the loss over 300 meters of cabling between the press box and scoreboard.

The team at New Caney ISD are very pleased with the audio experience the new system is providing for their students, colleagues and community – along with the support they’ve received from SBS and Electro-Voice/Dynacord. “When it was fully installed, Electro-Voice sent a technician to tune and EQ the system,” concludes Harvey. “That was the icing on the cake. It was hard to believe that he could make it sound better than it already did. The entire experience was terrific from start to finish.” 

Equipment list:

  • 3x MTS-4153-64FWB weatherized high-output point-source loudspeakers
  • 3x X12-128-FGB weatherized high-output dual-18” subwoofers
  • 3x Dynacord IPX20:4 (4x 5000 W) power amplifiers
  • Dynacord MXE5 Matrix Mix Engine
  • Dynacord SONICUE Sound System Software

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