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Posted on Monday, May 31, 2010


New pacts extend company’s global reach
Buena Park, CA – May 2010… Hosa Technology, the leading innovator of analog and digital connectivity solutions for the modern musician and owner of the Zaolla Silverline brand, recently granted distribution rights for the company’s vast range of products to two new distribution firms in the Asia Pacific region: BGW Guitars of Singapore and Hi-End Tech of Hong Kong. The agreements are expected to dramatically increase Hosa Technology’s presence throughout Asia.
Singapore-based BGW Guitars will now represent both the Hosa Technology and Zaolla Silverline brands throughout Singapore. Specializing in guitarist- and performer-oriented brands, BGW Guitars’ focus is on high-quality, value-driven products and, as such, the company is an ideal match to represent the Hosa and Zaolla Silverline brands. With Zaolla Silverline being a provider of upscale guitar cables, the new arrangement is a particularly good fit. BGW Guitars offers both retail and wholesale service to the region. The company will expand their distribution capabilities as they incorporate Hosa’s extensive lines into their line card.
Brendon Leung, BGW Guitars’ General Manager, commented on the new distribution agreement. “Hosa Technology’s products provide a wealth of connectivity options that, I expect, will serve as an invaluable complement to our existing lines,” says Leung. “By having access to every conceivable type of cable and connector, our customers can now be assured of obtaining the best possible performance from their equipment. This translates to a win-win situation for everyone involved. We are delighted to be part of Hosa’s family of distributors.”
Hong Kong-based Hi-End Tech will now be distributing the Hosa Technology and Zaolla Silverline brands. In addition to the Hong Kong market, the company’s territories include the People’s Republic of China, Macau, and Taiwan (Republic of China). With a young, fresh approach to distribution and a mind toward technology solutions, Hi-End Tech’s highly technical staff and existing product lines are a terrific match for Hosa Technology’s brands. The fact that Hi-End Tech will handle distribution throughout both the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan in addition to Hong Kong and Macau is expected to dramatically extend Hosa Technology’s reach throughout Asia.
Wilson Choi, CEO of Hi-End Tech, is enthusiastic about his firm’s new distribution agreement with Hosa, “All of us at Hi-End Tech are very happy about our new distribution and representation agreement with Hosa Technology. There is a highly complementary synergy between Hosa’s range of products and our line card. I look forward to a long and fruitful business relationship with everyone at Hosa Technology.”
Ben Sweeney, Hosa Technology’s Director of International Sales, is particularly upbeat about the prospects for new business with BGW Guitars and Hi-End Tech. “Both of these firms are recognized leaders throughout their territories and we are proud to have them joining our efforts,” Sweeney said. “By adding these two performance-proven partners, Hosa has an exceptional opportunity to further its global presence. I’m confident in these two companies’ ability to increase the visibility of Hosa Technology and its products and look forward to working with both firms.”

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