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A Revolutionary Communications Gateway
Posted on Monday, June 5, 2017
A Revolutionary Communications Gateway

CloudGate is a mini computer with on board Linux based processor, data storage and extensive I/O communications options.

It is a carrier approved communications platform that ensures device connectivity, network security and data bandwidth for remote and/or critical applications. It provides flexibility and redundancy of communications structure including automatic channel transfer in the event of a failure in a primary data network.

Communications options include LTE (cellular), Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB and RS 232. In a cellular to Ethernet (C2E) configuration, CloudGate allows remote communications or access to digital equipment without access to a facility's main data network. In an Ethernet pass through configuration (E2E), CloudGate provides a redundant, cellular communications link in the event of a main network failure. Software and hardware watchdogs continuously monitor each communication component as well as network connection to home servers. In an error is detected CloudGate switches to alternate channels to re-establish data traffic. 

List pricing for CloudGate CG-C2E starts at $480.00.

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