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RDL manufactures high performance audio products. Made in America - means our products are produced entirely in our Arizona factory. Only here can we monitor the quality of the materials and components used and control every step of the production process. For over 35 years, this policy has earned us a reputation for providing reliable products customers trust in installations around the world.

Model: RU-NMP44

The RU-NMP44 is a network mixing processor containing six virtual audio mixers controlled by network commands from RDL and other network remote controls. Each mixer operates independently with input s
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Q-SYS Plug-In for RDL’s DD-RN Series Network Audio Interfaces
Posted on Wednesday, March 20, 2024
Q-SYS Plug-In for RDL’s DD-RN Series Network Audio Interfaces

Prescott, AZ - As a new member of the Q-SYS Technology Partner Program, RDL is pleased to announce the release of our “DD-RN SERIES NETWORK AUDIO INTERFACES” plug-in. This plug-in allows you to configure and control RDL’s DD- RN Series Dante Interfaces from within the Q-SYS environment. It was developed by RDL and is fully vetted and endorsed by Q-SYS with a Q-SYS Ready badge.

Geno Zaharie, Principal, Alliances & Ecosystem, Q-SYS said, “We are proud to have RDL join our program and work collaboratively with us on a plugin integration that will enable elevated experiences across our shared customers.”

Plug-In Features:

•Configure and Adjust RDL’s Software Configurable Dante Interfaces within the Q-SYS environment.

•Supports Current RN-Series Software Configurable Endpoint Interfaces.

•Adjust Input Gains, Output Levels, and Enable/Disable Phantom Power.

•Assigned Plug-Ins Generate Model Specific Features.

RDL’s DD-RN Series includes the DD-RN31, DD-RN40 and the DD-RN42 Wall Mounted Bi-Directional Interfaces, which are available in white, black, and stainless-steel finishes.

CLICK HERE for additional information on the DD-RN Series Products.

Simply drag-n-drop one plug-in per RDL unit and assign it in the Q-SYS Configuration Window. Now you’re ready to configure and control the interface’s features such as input gains, output levels, and enable/disable Phantom Power. Assigned plug-ins automatically generate model-specific control features, making it easy and intuitive to adjust the settings.

•Plug-In is available for download in Q-SYS Designer – Asset Manager:

•Q-SYS Designer Software – Software and Firmware – Resources – QSC (

•For technical assistance, please contact Technical Support at

•For general information visit or contact RDL Sales at 1-800-281-2683.


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