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APC's H15 home theater power conditioner
Posted on Monday, September 15, 2008

A must have device for any home theater By Robert Jensen

People everywhere are installing home theaters in their homes. This movement was created by large screen LCD and plasma displays becoming much less expensive over the past several years as well as high definition content now being broadcast to our livingrooms.

We are bombarded with ever increasing, ever improving, multimedia - DVD, HD, Blu-Ray, HD Radio, satellite radio, cable TV, satellite TV. Screen sizes continue to grow and can now fill the entire wall of the living room. We have audiophile quality multi-channel sound and high definition video quality as the norm but are we getting the most we can out of our fancy equipment?

That's where the power conditioner comes in.  American Power Conversion Corp's (APC) H Type AV Power Conditioner is designed to not only deliver pure, stable AC power, which can improve the both audio and video signal of your  multimedia equipment. It can protect your investment in electronics from power surges too. In addition, because your display is receiving consistently clean and steady voltage it will last longer.


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