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CEDIA 2008: APC Adds Surge-Protection Models
Posted on Wednesday, September 3, 2008
CEDIA 2008: APC Adds Surge-Protection Models

By John Laposky -- TWICE, 9/3/2008 9:27:00 AM

CEDIA News Denver —  On the eve of CEDIA Expo APC announced the addition of a new line of surge protectors to its home theater accessories portfolio.

 The four new models in the APC audio/video surge-protector line feature AC and video line surge protection while complying with UL1449 second-edition standards, the company said.

 At the top of the line, the P8VNTG and the P8V feature eight surge-protected outlets on the top of the unit. A slim footprint allows users to arrange A/V furniture close to a wall without a large gap or on a shelf so that status indicators are visible and cords are positioned toward the back of the entertainment center.

 The P8VNTG is similar in design and function as the P8V, but adds illuminated outlets and APC’s SmartShedding technology, which allows the product’s master outlet to sense when an attached device has either been turned off or has gone into sleep mode, so it can shut off power to unused peripherals.

 Since products’ standby power levels vary from one component to another, the P8VNTG’s “Smart Power Tracking” allows the unit to be programmed to sense when a particular device is in standby mode or off with the push of a button. This “master/controlled” outlet feature can be reprogrammed at any time or can be disabled altogether, if desired.

 The other two models in the line, the P4V and P6V, are wall-tap units designed to cord clutter. The P4V has two surge-protected outlets on each side, for a total of four outlets. The P6V adds illumination to  its three surge-protected outlets on each side, for a total of six outlets. 

 APC’s new line of A/V surge protectors are proof of APC’s commitment to offering our customers energy efficiency and cost savings,” says Dave Johnson, home and business networks senior VP.

 Available in “late 2008,” the line’s estimated retails will range from $39.99 to $89.99, and all come with APC’s lifetime warranty and equipment-protection policy, which covers properly connected equipment up to $150,000.

APC is in booth 953.


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